Steps Immediately After and the Weeks Following a Vehicle Collision

North Carolina vehicle collisionSeveral times throughout the year, car accident lawyers from Brent Adams & Associates are invited on Fayetteville radio station WIDU 1600AM for a special segment "Making the Law Work For You." On one visit, Raleigh injury attorney Sarah Norris and paralegal Monica Williams provide an overview of the steps accident victims can take immediately following a crash, and items to address in the days and weeks after a collision. Listen to the full legal podcast on North Carolina car accident claims here. Aside from seeking emergency medical attention, below is the number one step to take following an accident that our legal team discussed:

The most important step after a North Carolina vehicle accident is to contact the police or a law enforcement officer. A police officer is a neutral and objective third party that can officially document the scene where the collision occurred.

What happens if the victim is two or three years into litigation and does not have a police report? The case simply becomes one party's account against the other's. When there is a police report to reference, it helps to clearly establish fault and might help strengthen other accident evidence.

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