What Raleigh Residents Should Know about SSI Disability Benefits (Part A)

If you have a condition that meets the Social Security Administration's definition of disability and have limited income and resources, you may be eligible to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, even though SSI benefits are available to those who qualify, they aren’t always easy to come by. This is why you should seek help from a Social Security disability attorney in Raleigh. An experience attorney will take the time to evaluate your case and determine if you are eligible. 

The Basics of SSI Disability 

There are two general requirements for an individual to receive SSI disability. The first is that your medical condition, whether it is physical or mental, must be severe enough that it prevents you from working for at least 12 months. This includes an inability to perform work you have done in the past. 

This is also referred to as being unable to engage in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA). Activities that are considered gainful include any work you do for payment or profit. 

To prove that your mental and/or physical activities are significantly limited by your medical condition, you will need to provide adequate evidence of this. An attorney can help with assembling the necessary documentation and records. 

The second requirement is that a claimant’s assets or income cannot be greater than the allowable limits. This is based upon the Federal Benefit Rate (FBR), which is currently $698 a month for individuals and $1,048 for couples.  

Basically, your monthly income cannot be greater than the FBR. But, determining if an individual qualifies can be a bit complicated, as not all of your income may be considered in the allowable limits. 

Usually you will have to rely upon SSA to determine eligibility. However, if you run into problems with this, a Social Security disability attorney in Raleigh may be able to help. Call us today at 910-892-8177. 

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