Speeding: The Number One Cause Of North Carolina Car Accidents

There are hundreds of reasons that car accidents occur in North Carolina: blind spots, drinking and driving, driver distractions, road conditions, weather, missing road signs, and mechanical problems. But only type of dangerous driving can increase your chances of serious injury and death whatever the other circumstances: speeding. And yet 90 percent of all drivers admit to speeding at some point and three out of four drivers say that they speed on a regular basis.

Very simply, the faster your car is going at the time of impact, the greater the force involved. This force can crush your car and send your body flying. Speed makes other driving mistakes much more costly – a driver who is distracted while traveling 40 miles per hour will cause less damage to himself and others than a distracted driver traveling 90 miles an hour. In fact, if you take your eyes off the wheel while speeding, you travel a much farther distance with your eyes off of the road because of how fast your car is going.

Speed limits are posted for a reason. Based on residential areas, commercial areas, lane width, pavement, and terrain, speed limits help us determine what is safe and what is not. While there are certainly times in life when we need to rush, speeding is not a risk worth taking in order to save a few minutes of your time or make an appointment. In fact, speeding can end in a serious car accident injury or even death.