Social Security Mental Disability Requirements Explained by Raleigh Attorney

Even though mental disability may not be physically obvious, as say, paralysis from an accident or the scars left from a surgery, it is still considered a medical condition and may warrant a claim for Social Security disability if requirements are met. Finding out whether your condition may fit the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) criteria is easy; simply check out the listing of impairments on the federal site. Getting your application approved the first time is unfortunately not as simple. A Social Security disability attorney who serves Raleigh residents can help when this is the case.

Categories of Mental Illness That Fit Social Security Disability Requirements
So what mental disorders are identified and listed as acceptable for Social Security disability benefits, provided all documentation and evidence is furnished?

The 9 categories range from addiction to pervasive developmental conditions, including:
  • organic medical disorders (psychological or behavioral in nature and caused by a dysfunction in the brain);
  • schizophrenic, paranoid and other psychotic disorders (psychotic episodes often characterized by a decrease in previous levels of functioning);
  • affective disorders (mood disturbances that can lead to full or partial manic behavior or depression);
  • mental retardation (significantly lower IQ than average);
  • anxiety-related disorders (behavior disturbances brought on by anxiety);
  • somatoform disorders (unexplained problems with hearing, speech, vision or mobility, which can interrupt daily living, social functioning and concentration on the job);
  • personality disorders (characterized by personality traits that can be so volatile daily life and interactions are impacted);
  • substance addiction disorders (behavioral or physical changes that result from regular use of substances that impact the central nervous system); and
  • autism and other developmental disorders (reciprocal social interaction is lacking, with communication skills often impacted).
The Role of Medical Evidence
Seeking disability benefits means more than simply stating you have a mental disability. Not only do you have to establish the presence of mental impairment, but you also must prove the degree to which it keeps you from working productively on the job and provide an estimate for how long the condition is expected to continue.

If you live in Raleigh and are seeking Social Security disability benefits for a mental disorder, an attorney can guide you in collecting the documentation you’ll need. In general, your medical records need to include signs, symptoms, laboratory testing, psychological testing, mental status examinations and doctors' notes.
There are several things that will be taken into consideration when a condition is measured against the Social Security disability requirements. This is a necessary step because the agency needs to know that your mental disability is impeding your ability to gain and keep employment and will remain an issue for some time to come (at least 12 months). If you live in Raleigh, meeting with a Social Security disability attorney is the first step to determine what you’ll need to include in your application.

Considerations When Seeking Social Security for a Mental Disability
When the Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews your mental disability, it will consider the severity of the disorder on the following:

  • Daily living – degree to which someone is capable of starting and completing routine tasks without supervision;
  • Social functioning – ability to interact appropriately and effectively with others for an ongoing period of time;
  • Concentration and pace of work – ability to give attention and focus on workplace activities so that tasks are completed; and
  • Episodes of decompensation – how often and for how long mental disorder symptom spike out of control.
A Raleigh Social Security disability attorney understands the requirements you will need to meet. While there is no guarantee, an attorney can help you compile an application that stands a better chance at approval the first time around, in efforts to get the benefits you need as quickly as possible.
Raleigh Residents Turn to our Social Security Disability Attorney Team
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