Should You Risk Injury To Break Up A Dog Fight? | Prevent Dog Bite Attacks

You could be in the park, on a walk, or in your own back yard - but suddenly a dogfight breaks out between your beloved pet and an aggressive dog. Do you intervene and break up the dogfight, or do you think about your own safety?

If two dogs are fighting, certainly do not hit either dog. Not only is hitting the dogs ineffective, but it will also endanger your own safety as the dog attack may be redirected at you. Also, even if you do try to break up the dogfight, avoid the dog's heads and necks - if you don't, a dog bite is sure to follow.

If you have another person with you, one way to break up a dogfight is to take each dog by their hind legs and pull the dogs apart. However, this tactic should only be attempted by trained dog handlers and is still risky. Again, the best option for your safety, however hard it may be to watch, is not to physically intervene with the dogfight. Since dogs are often disoriented during a dog fight, they will extremely prone to attack anyone near them - even their loving owner.

The best way to stop a dogfight is to distract the dogs without getting near them - such as with a loud noise like an air horn. A perhaps more practical distraction is to spray them with a water hose or fire extinguisher. Especially if the dogs are gripping each other's necks, shooting hose water put the dogs' noise may very well cause them to separate.  

Dogfights can be scary and can lead to dog bite injuries - but it is always better to prevent others from being hurt in addition to the dogs themselves. To prevent receiving your own dog bites, choose an non-physical intervention to separate fighting dogs.