Self Employed Workers Can Receive Social Security Disability Benefits in North Carolina

Self-employed persons in North Carolina are able to receive Social Security benefits. However, our Raleigh SSDI lawyers explain if self-employed persons do not report all their earnings on their tax returns and they do not file them in the proper time frame, they may not be able to qualify. The Social Security Administration looks at the federal income-tax returns of taxpayers to see their earnings and determine if they have paid their Social Security taxes on said earnings.

Social Security benefits for the self-employed were unavailable until the year 1950. This was due to the inability of Congress to come to an agreement on a reliable method of determining how much self-employed persons earned and whether or not they were covered according to Social Security law’s requirements.

Congress eventually extended the benefits of Social Security to self-employed people, based on their reporting of the history of their work and earnings on their tax returns.

If the information is not completed or is inaccurate, you are allowed to correct the information. However, you are required to do it within a specific time frame; otherwise you may not be able to receive benefits.

Self-employed people should make sure that they list any and all earnings on their tax returns accurately and on time. If they do not, they may miss out on the benefits later on, no matter what the circumstances are.