Running A Red Light | The Dangers Of Running Red Lights | North Carolina Car Accidents

We've all run a red light or stop sign before - either by accident or because we were in a hurry. But although it may seem like a small mistake or a minor broken law, running a red light or a stop sign can be dangerous and even deadly. For instance, this week we reported on the tragic story of a groom that was killed in a Raleigh car accident just hours before his wedding - in this case, the fatal NC car accident was caused by another driver running a red light.

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), roughly 40 percent of all car collisions take place at intersections. Most of these collisions occur when someone does not obey the rules of the intersection - they either run a red light or run a stop sign. These violations of the law can lead to head-on collisions and broadside collisions - both of which can lead to serious car accident injuries and fatalities. Puzzlingly, although 98 percent of drivers say they fear that they will be the victim of a car accident in which someone runs a red light and hits them, 55 percent of drivers admit to running red lights occasionally. Drivers cite driver distraction, being in a rush, and road rage as three different reasons that they might run a red light or ignore a stop sign.

All in all, between 800 and 1,000 people die each year in an intersection accident that involves a red light or stop sign traffic violation. In North Carolina, 27 people died in red light intersection accidents in 2005. Another 34 died because of running red lights in 2004 in North Carolina.