Research Shows Average Age of Asbestos-related Sufferer is Dropping

Asbestos-sufferers are becoming significantly younger: Median age of asbestos sufferer now 51!

In May of this year, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) said case reports from 2004-2007 reveal a median age of 51 for asbestos sufferers and nearly 50 percent of those victims were women. ADAO research found sufferers under 40 years of age and 40% of that group contracted the disease through environmental exposure. (Our Raleigh injury lawyers explain what to do if you find abestos in your home or workplace.)

Confirming the ADAO findings was the Columbia University Mesothelioma Center (CUMC) in New York. "The average age of our peritoneal mesothelioma patient is 51.7," said Dr. Robert N. Taub, professor of clinical medicine and CUMC director. "Less than 50% had immediately recognizable asbestos exposure."

The 1990 asbestos-patient profile is changing. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta reported in 1986 that the median age was 70 and approximately 50% of those sufferers sustained occupational exposure. Additional studies found 80% of patients were men. In 1999, more than a third of mesothelioma deaths occurred in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio alone. Studies estimate that during the next decade, 100,000 victims in the United States will die of an asbestos-related disease - equaling 30 deaths per day.

Twenty, Thirty-Year-Olds Not Immune to Asbestos

"Asbestos-related diseases, like many occupationally and environmentally induced diseases, are routinely underreported,” said Richard Lemen, Ph.D. and Master of Science in Public Health. “It is imperative for clinicians and health care providers to thoroughly investigate and accurately report the diagnosis of a disease, as well as record, not only the immediate cause of death, but underlying conditions.”

Linda Reinstein, ADAO co-founder, said her agency has been contacted by people in their 20s and 30s who’ve been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. "Our patient- profile program will continue as asbestos exposure and deaths continue to claim more lives. Prevention is the only cure for asbestos diseases." Regardless of a victim's age, an attorney can help start a claim to cover the costs of medical care, compensate for lost wages, and loss of quality of life. Asbestos exposure could have happened twenty years ago or 5 years ago.

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