Repeated Allegations Spur State Board to Suspend Physician's License

A state board of medicine released a statement addressing an obstetrician/gynecologist as a "serious threat to public health." Although the alleged malpractice takes place in Massachusetts, our North Carolina medical malpractice attorneys wanted to include the terms as an example for other patients. The doctor at the center of the accusations is Dr. Suzanne Rothchild, and the aforementioned statement was released by the Massachusetts Board of Regstration in Medicine. 

The Board removed insurance of Dr. Rothchild on her future care of patients and suspended her medical license. The insurance was removed after nine cases were brought against the doctor.

According to The Boston Globe:

Middlesex County Court records revealed to the Board Dr. Rothchild was sued 12 times for alleged medical malpractice over the past 15 years, including four times the last three years. The Board said Dr. Rothchild paid “above-average” settlements in four recent malpractice suits. During that time, Winchester Hospital had disciplined her twice, including once when she was given a six-month restriction that required her to consult with a doctor when patients were admitted and to attend a course in fetal monitoring.

"This is an enormous number of cases for a single physician," said Andrew Meyer, a medical malpractice specialist at Lubin & Meyer law firm in Boston, who represented several plaintiffs in actions against Rothchild, including a 1997 case involving an infant born with brain damage in which his client received a multimillion-dollar settlement. "Although many doctors have malpractice actions brought against them, there's a clear significance in the number of cases here. The board very rarely does this."

In another incident, a pregnant woman complained Dr. Rothchild left work to go to lunch, delaying the labor, which the mother claims caused the loss of the baby. This case settled out of court.

Another case involved an unresponsive fetus, alleging Rothchold was careless with a patient and detached the placenta from the uterus, causing the infant to be unable to breathe.