Raleigh Workers’ Compensation Attorney: How to File a Work Injury Claim

A Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand your rights as a worker or when appealing a work injury claim that has been denied. A lawyer can review your case and determine if legal action is necessary. 

If while on the job you are injured or you develop an illness that is job-related, you may immediately file a claim. Waiting to do so may actually be a detriment to your case. 

Filing Your Work Injury Claim 

The timing of when you file a claim may prove important. In some cases, waiting too long could result in a denial, as your employer or the insurance company may question the legitimacy of your claim. 

Let’s say, for example, you injured your back at work. You decide to wait a week to see if things improve, however, the pain gets progressively worse. After going to the doctor and discovering you have a herniated disc, you now attempt to file a work injury claim. It may end up being denied because you didn’t immediately report your injury. 

The insurance company may argue that your back injury had nothing to do with your job. Proving otherwise may be difficult if you don’t have something on file indicating the injury occurred at work. 

Even if you file your claim on time, you could run into other difficulties. For instance, you may be concerned that if you were at fault, you will be unable to receive compensation, or you may be worried that you will lose your job. 

In some cases, injuries may be covered even if you are at fault. Of course, exceptions exist, and some workers who are responsible for their own injuries may not be approved for benefits. It’s also important to remember that you cannot be fired for filing a claim. 

You may also face unique challenges when your injury or illness develops over a period from continued exposure to a substance or continued performance of job functions. Because of the nature of these injuries and illnesses, you may find obtaining compensation to be complicated. 

You may be able to do to help avoid unnecessary delays or denials. For instance, as soon as you are injured or become aware of illness, report it to your supervisor, manager or other applicable party. 

Include as much information as you can, including the date and time the injury or illness occurred, and the circumstances surrounding it. Having this report on file may be an important step in protecting your rights. 

If there were any witnesses to what happened, you should also let your employer know. They can potentially backup your statement, making it easier to recover the compensation to which you are entitled. 

Then you should immediately file your claim. Don’t wait to do so. Otherwise, any delays could end up being used against you in your case, which could result in denial or preventable problems and challenges. 

Contacting a Raleigh Workers’ Compensation Attorney 

Although you may fully understand your right to be compensated when you are injured on the job, it doesn’t always mean things will go your way. You may be facing the threat of losing your job or your claim may be unfairly denied. 

Your rights as a worker should be protected. Don’t hesitate to contact a Raleigh workers’ compensation attorney when your rights have been violated. An attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can help you sort through the complex details of your case and determine what legal options may be available. We serve residents in various locations throughoutNorth Carolina. For a free consultation, call us today – 800-849-5931.