Raleigh Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer: Questions to Ask During a Nursing Home Infestation

Nursing homes are more susceptible to pest infestations than many other places – they often have high populations, food preparation areas, and high resident turnover. However, many North Carolina infestations could have been prevented, while others should have been dealt with in a more open and effective manner.

If the nursing home or assisted living facility where your loved one lives reports an infestation of insects, rodents, mold, or fungus, it is vital that you understand both how the infestation happened and what the nursing home is doing to fix the issue.

Here are some questions to ask in the case of a North Carolina nursing home infestation:
  • How was the infestation discovered? 
  • How did the infestation originate? 
  • Have you dealt with this, or another, infestation in the past? 
  • Has your nursing home violated health and cleanliness standards in the past? 
  • What was the nursing home’s initial response to the infestation? 
  • How many residents and staff members were affected by the infestation? 
  • How are the residents being protected from the infestation? 
  • How are the residents being medically treated in the wake of the infestation? 
  • What nursing home policies are being changed in order to prevent future infestations? 
  • Are any state or federal agencies involved with the infestation investigation? 
  • Will my elder loved one require any counseling regarding the infestation? 
  • Will my elder loved one’s daily routine be interrupted? 
  • Are any of the chemicals or treatments being used in eradicating the infestation dangerous to humans? 
  • Will my elder loved one need to move during the eradication of the infestation? 
  • How will you manage pests in the future?

While some infestations can simply happen to any nursing home – even ones with great track records and clean properties – some infestations can be a red flag for other cleanliness and health issues. It is important to understand exactly why an infestation occurred as well as what the nursing home is doing to prevent future issues.

If your elder loved one has been injured due to a North Carolina nursing home infestation, you may wish to speak with a Raleigh nursing home neglect lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates. Call today to schedule a private consultation.