North Carolina Nursing Home Lawyer: How Seniors Can Prevent Fall Accidents

Last month, we concentrated on what North Carolina nursing homes could and should be doing to prevent falls and fall injuries. This month, we will focus on what seniors themselves can do to decrease their risk of a fall as they get older.

For the first time in over ten years, the American Geriatrics Society has updated their safety tips regarding senior health and fall prevention. Let’s take a closer look at their recommendations.
  • Exercise. A focus on building muscle and honing balance is key no matter what your age. Several studies have found that tai chi – a Chinese exercise that strings together slow movements – is especially helpful in developing balance and preventing fall injuries. Even seniors who have health issues that make them unable to stand can participate in exercise while sitting. 
  • Confidence & will. Many seniors will halt activities because they are frightened of falling; however, this can lead to a downward spiral of less activity, a weaker body, and more fear about falling. It is important for all seniors to stay active, challenge themselves, and have confidence that they can stay healthy and strong for their age. 
  • The correct medication. Many serious fall accidents and injuries take place after a senior has started a new medication or a new dosage – and far too many seniors in nursing homes are over medicated. Over medication is not only bad for your body – it can also be very dangerous when it comes to mobility. 
  • A clean, appropriate living area. Most falls don’t occur out of nowhere – they often involve an obstacle, a stair, or a loose piece of carpeting. It is vital that seniors who have a risk of falling have uncluttered living spaces free of hazards.

Seniors who have fallen more than once in the last year or seniors with a fear of falling should schedule an appointment with their doctor to discuss how they can better prevent future falls. If your senior loved one has suffered a serious fall injury while living in a North Carolina nursing home, you may wish to speak with a Raleigh nursing home neglect attorney about your case. Call Brent Adams & Associates today for more information.