Raleigh Neglect Attorney: Causes of Nursing Home Pest Infestations

This month, we’ve covered common types of North Carolina nursing home pest infestations, as well as why exactly these infestations can be dangerous to the health of our elder loved ones. In this NC nursing home neglect legal article, we will cover some of the common reasons that infestations occur – and when nursing homes may be held responsible for infestation-related health issues in residents.

How do nursing home infestations happen?
  • An unclean environment. Many pests, such as rats and cockroaches, stick around because there is food to eat. Other infestations, such as bed bug or mite infestations, can be the result of unclean bedding. An infestation could be a sign that your loved one’s nursing home is not being properly cleaned. 
  • An old building. Pests like cockroaches and infestations like mold thrive in wet environments – buildings with leaking pipes or leaking roofs. Nursing homes that are not well maintained could suffer from either or both of these issues. Rat infestations often begin because a building does not have a secure foundation or attic. 
  • Untrained staff. If a nursing home staff does not know how to properly clean their workplace, or if a nursing home staff does not know how to properly report a rash, infection, or varmint sighting, infestations can spread quickly. 
  • Health and safety regulation violations. The Department of Health has a list of regulations in place to help prevent these types of infestations and medical issues. If your nursing home is not following these regulations, they are more prone to infestations. 
  • A neglectful nursing home administration. When does a bug or rodent problem turn into a health hazard? In some situations, it is when nursing home owners or staff tries to cover up a problem, deal with it without professional help, or fail to report a health hazard.

If your elder loved one has been harmed by a health hazard caused by an infestation – and the nursing home is to blame – you may deserve compensation. Contact a Raleigh nursing home neglect attorney at Brent Adams & Associates to learn more able your case, including your best options for legal action.