North Carolina Doctor Negligence: How to Get Doctors to Wash Their Hands & Protect Patient Health

Did you know that the less a doctor washes his or her hands, the more patients suffer from infections and other illnesses?

Or that Doctors and nurses only wash their hands 40 percent of the time?

Medical negligence in North Carolina is occurring every day by doctors who fail to clean their hands in between seeing patients. These doctors then spread disease, bacteria, and viruses - all of which could be prevented with a brief sink scrubbing in between exams.

A new study has found that there are a few simple ways to help increase doctor hand washing compliance in hospitals; therefore, reducing the spread of illness and infections between patients.

The study, which was conducted in a large North Carolina hospital and will be published in the journal Psychological Science, examined what would happen if doctors were urged to wash their hands to protect their patients instead of to protect themselves. The results found that a 10% increase in hand washing and a 33% increase in soap use occurred at sinks where patient-centered hand washing signs were posted.

While healthcare experts agree that simply changing the signs near hospital sinks will not fully eradicate the issue of doctor hand washing negligence, they do believe that low hand washing rates are a serious problem in medical facilities and any improvements - no matter how small - will save lives.

Why don't doctors wash their hands as often as they should? Researchers say that there are a variety of reasons including time management issues, sink placement, forgetfulness, and simple negligence. But what researchers do know is that when doctors don't wash their hands, patients get sick more often. When medical professionals pay closer attention to hygiene, infection rates drop significantly.

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