5 Important Facts for Dog Bite Claims

North Carolina dog bitesOne of our Raleigh injury lawyers and a case manager visited WIDU radio station. They conducted a segment called "Making the Law Work for the People." This particular segment focused on North Carolina dog bite injury claims. Some of the things they discussed were the details for a claim. Three important things that individuals who were attacked by a dog should gather include:

  1. Date of dog attack
  2. Address where attack occurred
  3. Description of the dog
  4. Name and address of the dog owner
  5. Or the name and address of the individual who had control of the dog at the time of the attack


These details help establish important facts for the case. For example, our case managers gather medical bills, include the above details, and more when they prepare packages to send to the insurance company. If these demands fail, one of our litigation attorneys makes efforts to negotiate. When this does not provide an acceptable outcome for the victim, the victim might elect to go to trial. All of the details above will be important during a trial. 

Listen to the entire podcast here: North Carolina Dog Bite Cases.

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