Raleigh Automobile Accident Attorney: Prevent Car Crashes by Preventing Tire Blowouts

Just last month in North Carolina, a commercial trucker lost his life when a tire blew out while he was driving on the interstate. Last summer, a tire blowout in a passenger van traveling in Faison sent seven people to the hospital with injuries. In September 2010, a Shannon toddler was seriously injured when a blown out tire struck him.

Tire blowouts are more than an inconvenience – they can be dangerous and deadly. What can you do to prevent tire blowouts and tire blowout accidents?
  • Get your tires checked by a professional. A mechanic will be able to tell you if your tires are too worn out to be safe or if your tires have suffered a puncture or other damage that could lead to a blowout. 
  • Change worn or damaged tires. Yes, vehicle tires are a significant expense. But changing your tires regularly and changing your tires after damage could prevent a blowout and save your life. Your tires are what keep your car on the road – don’t put your trust in old, bald, or damaged products. 
  • Check your tires after an accident or incident. Did you run over a piece of debris on the road? Did you hit a curb while parking? Is one of your tires slowly leaking? Take the time to examine your tires after any collision or trauma – or take your car into a mechanic for an official check. 
  • Check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure can lead to blowouts, and it only takes a few moments to put air in your tires at any local gas station. If one or more of your tires is losing air more quickly than normal, check for nails, leaks, and other issues. 
  • Get updated on tire recalls. Defective tires are the cause of a significant number of blowouts. After a number of serious car accidents take place caused by defective tires, the manufacturer could recall their product. Be sure to keep up-to-date on recalls and to follow instructions on any recall that takes place.

Were you injured in an NC car accident that was caused by a tire blowout? You may wish to speak with a Raleigh automobile accident attorney about your possible case. The car accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates provide all accident victims with a free, complimentary consultation. Call today to schedule yours.