Fire Damage Insurance Claim Disputes

north carolina house fire claimsThe Triangle-area doesn't typically experience heavy snow, but every winter there is a risk of snow or ice storms. The possibility of losing power in the winter is a big concern for residents. In the summer, loss of power may be an incovenience and result in food spoilage. However, a winter power outage in freezing conditions can not only be detrimental to an individual's health, but cause water pipes to freeze and burst. (Read about Raleigh insurance dispute lawyer Brent Adams' water damage case.) Homeowners and tenants who have fireplaces and lose power may heat their homes and apartments this way, but what if a chimney was not properly maintained or an accident simply occurs and causes the fire to spread from the fireplace? 

Smoke inhalation and burns may result if those dwelling in the household are home at the time of the fire. In tragic home fire accidents, victims may not be able to escape or be rescued in time. 

Recently, an unexpected ice storm hit North Carolina and resulted in almost a half-million power outages. Some families used fireplaces to stay warm. Downed trees caused power outages, heavy freezing rains caused flooding, and some families experienced house fire damage.

In addition to the physical and emotional trauma a house fire causes, survivors need to juggle insurance adjusters, restoration services or reconstruction estimates. The insurance dispute lawyers in our Raleigh firm prepared a list of the steps you need to take after a house fire. What if an insurance company doesn't cover as much as your policy stated? Or your insurance company refuses to cover fire damage repair or replacement costs? 

Depending on the circumstances of the accident that caused the fire, most insured property owners--and renters--are entitled to the exact terms of their property insurance policy. Our lawyers provide insurance claim assistance in Raleigh when policy holders need to file a dispute. Your policy may provide coverage for temporary housing costs (like hotels) and meals while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. Keep in mind, it is possible that some property insurers have fire damage limits. Sometimes these are conditional based on whether or not the insured's negligence contributed to the fire. Another reason why it is important do discuss your claim with an insurance dispute lawyer.