After Fatal North Carolina Accident, Brent Adams Discusses Driving Safety in the Fog

This week, we covered the tragic story of a fatal accident on I-85 in which a North Carolina man drove off of the interstate in thick fog. A state police officer described the visibility as being “like pea soup,” and the driver, Eric Samuel of Reidsville, died at the scene of the accident despite having his seat belt buckled.

What can you do to help prevent car accidents caused by fog and low visibility?
  • Do not drive in fog if you can help it! You will never be injured in a fog-related accident if you do not drive in these dangerous conditions. Consider staying home if you see thick fog in the forecast, and seriously consider getting off of the road when foggy conditions appear. 
  • Turn on your low beams. High beams may reflect light off of the fog, harming your visibility instead of helping it. 
  • Keep an eye on your speedometer. Fog hides surrounding objects and makes it difficult to judge your actual speed. Slow down in these conditions, but also avoid going so slow an approaching vehicle could rear-end you. 
  • Resist pulling to the shoulder. Pulling to the shoulder could increase your chances of being rear-ended by an approaching car. If you must pull to the shoulder, park as far from the traffic lane as safely possible. Turn on your hazard lights. 
  • Listen for cars. Crack your driver’s side window so that you can hear for approaching vehicles and other hazards. 
  • Look for lines and reflectors. Lines and reflectors on the pavement may be your best guide in low-visibility conditions. Use them to guide you until you can find a safe place to pull into a business or rest area. 
  • Realize that fog can make for wet or icy road conditions. Unfortunately, many hazardous weather conditions affect road conditions in more ways than one. Know that the road could be slippery and you could need more time and space to come to a stop.

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