4 Ways to Prevent Defective Drug Damage

defective drugsIn some cases, there is nothing you can do to prevent defective drug injury – you took a drug that was prescribed to you and you were harmed by that drug. However, here are a few preventative measures from our Raleigh defective drug attorneys that you can take in order to minimize the chance that you will suffer complications because of a dangerous or defective prescription drug.

  • Ask questions about the drug before you start taking it. Your doctor is not infallible, and neither are drug manufacturers. Before starting on a new prescription drug, ask about possible side effects, recent studies, and how the drug may interact with your other drugs or other health conditions. Being informed is the first step.
  • If you notice adverse effects, talk to your doctor immediately. Many people may notice side effects early on after starting a new prescription drug, but they may continue to take the drug thinking that if their doctor gave them the drug, it must be the right thing to do. This is a big mistake. If you notice any adverse effects related to a drug you are taking, call your doctor as soon as possible to report the symptoms.
  • Stay current on defective drugs news and current events. In many cases, people will come forward with their own stories of being harmed by a prescription drug before the FDA recalls the drug or issues a warning. Keeping a close eye on the news related to the drugs you are taking could save you from being harmed by any long-term effects or other issues.
  • Realize that stopping the use of the drug could cause dangerous complications. Any number of prescription drugs could harm you if you suddenly stop taking the medication or change the dosage or use of the medication without first speaking with your doctor. Even if you believe a drug may be causing you harm, don’t stop treatment until speaking with a medical professional.

Have you or a loved one suffered a serious or fatal injury because of a defective drug? Request a case evaluation from a Raleigh defective drug attorney.