Premises Liability in North Carolina

If you slip and fall, it's your fault, right? Not necessarily. In many North Carolina slip-and-fall cases, serious accidents take place not because of the victim's clumsiness or inattention, but because the property owner where did not provide a safe place and was negligent. If a property owner knowingly left unsafe conditions untended, he or she could be liable for your accident injury. In fact, the property owner of the place where you were seriously injured could be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any ongoing disabilities or medical needs you might have.

What are some examples of premises liability and slip-and-fall accidents?

  • You slip and break both of your wrists on the slippery entrance to a grocery store. The grocery store manager was aware of the slick floors, but had not put up a warning sign or cleaned up the water.
  • While at a home supply store, a flat of supplies falls from a high shelf, leaving you with a head injury. You are in need of ongoing care as you struggle with memory problems.
  • While walking in a construction site, you fall into an umarked ditch where workers are laying a pipe. You suffer a back injury that bars you from some of your favorite activities and from continuing to work at your job.
  • While staying at a hotel, your toddler wanders into the indoor pool, which is unlocked and unsupervised. He survives a near drowning, but is left with permanent brain damage.
  • Your lean on an apartment building's second-story railing, which has been shoddily repaired by the landlord himself. The railing breaks and you fall two stories and are paralyzed from the waist down.