Possible Dog Bite Consequences | North Carolina Dog Bite Attorney

When we think of the consequences of a dog attack, most of us conjure up images of stitches and lacerations – and not much else. The hard truth is that a serious dog bite or dog attack can have a number of serious consequences that go far beyond a wound or scratch. Here are a few common consequences of dog attacks in North Carolina:

•    Financial costs. Hospital bills, reconstructive surgeries, medications, and other medical costs add up quickly.
•    Scarring. While wounds are painful and doctor’s visits are expensive, scarring can significantly harm a person’s self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Dogs are prone to attacking the hands and faces of children, often leaving them with disfigurements that will affect their lives forever.
•    Nerve damage. Deep dog bites can cause serious nerve problems and other ongoing issues. While some people assume that dog bites simply heal, the truth is that many require multiple surgeries, therapies, and medication long after the dog attack incident.
•    Emotional problems. Especially for children, a dog attack can leave deep emotional wounds. Problems like phobias, anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder can cause problems at work, in school, or in a victim’s personal life – and having these emotional and psychological issues treated can be a significant ongoing expense.
•    Missed school or work. Serious dog bite injuries can prevent dog bite victims from earning money or keeping up to pace at school. These two issues can lead to further financial problems, social problems at school, and educational delays.
•    Loss of joy and missed activities. A child may not continue to be able to participate in his favorite sport, play the piano, or attend the school ski trip. An adult may also lose their ability to take part in their hobbies.