Pit Bulls And Dog Bites | North Carolina Dog Bite Attorney

In the first half of 2009, 288 people were attacked and bitten by pit bulls or pit bull mixes - this is a significantly higher number than other breeds. Other data taken over the past two decades shows a similar trend: not only are pit bulls responsible for a larger percentage of dog attacks and dog bites, the injuries are often more serious than in other dog bite instances.

Are these statistics sending us a clear message about pit bulls and dog bites, or is it sending us a message about breed biases and pit bull owners? More and more across the country, cities, counties, and organizations are making the decision to ban pit bulls and other historically aggressive dogs. In other cases, cities and counties are making the decision to require extra fees, insurance, and laws for owners of dangerous dog breeds like pit bulls.

Just this month, the Marines have decided to ban pit bulls from their bases after a fatal pit bull attack in North Carolina last year killed a small girl. A few months before that, a Jacksonville, North Carolina pit bull puppy mutilated an infant over a number of hours as the baby's mother slept in the same room.

Statistics show that three dog breeds, pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf hybrids, are responsible for about three-fourths of all serious dog bite injuries and that pit bulls attack adults just as often as they attack children.

However, pit bull advocates point out that pit bull owners, and not pit bulls may be at least partially responsible for the pit bull dog bite statistics. Pit bull owners are less likely to fix their dogs, making them more aggressive, and pit bull owners are also more likely involved in violence, crime, and even dog fighting.