Personal Injury Attorneys in Raleigh Help File a Personal Injury Claim

Seek a personal injury attorney in Raleigh if another person’s negligence leads you to sustain serious injuries. You may have the right to compensation through a personal injury claim. However, you should also understand that there are ways your claim may be destroyed. A lawyer can explain what you can do in order to protect both your claim and your legal rights. 

Filing Your Personal Injury Claim 

The type of claim you file will depend on the circumstances surrounding your injuries. At Brent Adams & Associates, we can handle a variety of cases, including nursing home neglect, defective drug, dog bites, medical malpractice and car accidents. 

Each of these areas requires specialized knowledge, so you need to make sure you seek help from an attorney who has experience. A claim stemming from an automobile accident will be much different than one involving a defective drug. 

Despite the differences, however, there are some things you can generally anticipate when filing a claim. For instance, the basis for this type of claim is establishing who is liable for your injuries. 

Here are some examples of who might be able to be held liable for different types of personal injury claims: 

  • nursing home neglect – caregiver or facility;
  • defective drug – manufacturer, doctor or pharmacist;
  • dog bite/attack – owner of the dog;
  • medical malpractice – surgeon, doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, hospital; and
  • car accident – driver of another vehicle (truck, car, etc.). 

To prove that any of these parties were liable, you will need to show evidence that they were negligent. Negligence is the basis of any claim and comes in many forms. If a loved one became injured as a result of nursing home neglect, it may be the result of improper care for bedsores (negligence), or if you were walking down the street and a dog attacked you, it could be that the owner failed to secure the dog (negligence). 

Evidence Necessary in a Personal Injury Claim 

To prove liability and negligence, you will need ample evidence. Of course, this will also depend on the specific type of claim you are pursuing. 

Some examples of evidence that may be used in your claim include: 

  • pictures (injuries, accident scene);
  • medical records (prescriptions, test results, x-rays);
  • statements from witnesses;
  • physical evidence (anything that can be seen or touched);
  • documentation of injuries; and
  • anything else related to your accident/incident and injuries. 

The more proof you have, the better chance of proving your case. This is also where you may benefit from the help of an attorney who may be able to access evidence you can’t. 

You should especially seek legal counsel if the injuries you sustained were severe, life threatening or disabling. By having an attorney on your side, you can better protect yourself financially, physically and emotionally. 

Consulting with Personal Injury Attorneys in Raleigh 

No matter what type of claim you have filed, there is often a lot at stake. You may be dealing with significant medical expenses, lost earnings and other damages. 

Brent Adams & Associates will assist with the entire claims process, which may make things easier on you as the process progresses. Don’t delay in seeking legal help when you have sustained serious injuries. Our law firm is here to explain the legal options you may have available. We serve residents throughoutNorth Carolina. For a free consultation, call us today at 800-849-5931.