NC Nursing Home Neglect Attorney: Nursing Home Pharmacists Are Putting Residents in Danger

An investigation by the United States Department of Health and Human Services last year, as well as an investigation by California officials, has uncovered a disturbing trend regarding nursing home pharmacists. Many experts now believe that a significant number of nursing home residents may be put in danger because pharmacists fail to recognize drug side-effects in the elderly, dangerous drug combinations, and the risks of taking antipsychotic medications. In some cases, pharmacists have ignored patient charts, doctors’ recommendations, and FDA alerts regarding certain drugs, especially antipsychotic medications.

One example of nursing home pharmacist mistakes…

A recent report by the Bay Citizen shared the story of a nursing home resident with a history of seizures and a need for treatment for dementia. She was prescribed the antipsychotic drug Seroquel as well as the antidepressant Trazodone, both medications that have caused seizures in elderly patients. The pharmacist who gave the drugs to the nursing home admitted he had not noted any of these dangers even after reviewing her charts.

Antipsychotics, pharmacists, and your loved one’s health

The above story may be shocking – but what is more shocking is how common the story is. Antipsychotic drugs like Seroquel are being prescribed at record rates to elderly nursing home residents even though they are considered powerful and even though many have not been approved for treatment of dementia. Both investigations found that many nursing home residents were placed on increasingly higher doses of these serious medications despite their ineffectiveness and despite disturbing side effects.

Raleigh nursing home neglect lawyers

All too often, the death of a nursing home resident seems like a matter of nature’s course – the person was elderly and it was simply “their time.” However, more and more investigations are discovering that many nursing home residents are receiving the wrong medications, the wrong doses of medication, or dangerous medications. If you believe that your elderly loved one was harmed because of a North Carolina nursing home medication mistake, you may wish to speak with a lawyer. The Raleigh nursing home neglect attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates are here to help. Call us today and get your questions answered.