Are Your Elderly Loved Ones Protected By Their Nursing Homes From Outside Dangers?

This week we covered two wrongful death nursing home lawsuits that have been filed in the wake of the horrifying nursing home massacre that occurred last year in Carthage, North Carolina. In the two cases, the families of the victims claim that the murders could have been prevented if the nursing home had adequate security and if the nursing home took the threat of the gunman seriously when the man’s estranged wife warned nursing home staff members that her violent ex-spouse could pose a threat to the home.

The North Carolina wrongful death lawsuit brings up an important question: is your loved one reasonably safe and protected from outside dangers at their nursing home? While many people associate nursing home neglect and abuse lawsuits with bedsore and assaults, it is important to remember that what your nursing home doesn’t do to protect your loved one may be just as harmful as physical abuse or direct neglect.

For example, is the security at your loved one’s nursing home good enough? Are their video cameras surveying the property? Are there alarms on doors leading to the outside world? How are the residents monitored at night? How are residents with dementia and other mental issues looked after? Is there a manned front desk and policies for visitors?

If your elderly loved one has come to harm because their North Carolina nursing home did not do enough to protect their patients from danger, you could have a nursing home lawsuit. Pursuing your case could lead to needed compensation – and could prevent similar incidents from occurring to others in the future. To discuss your nursing home case, call us today.