Many North Carolina Commercial Truck Accidents Are Caused by Tire Blowouts

Last month in Salisbury, North Carolina, a fatal commercial truck accident took place when a tractor-trailer carrying cigarettes ran off the road following a tire blowout.

According to North Carolina news sources, 58-year-old Garry Wilkerson was driving a UPS tractor-trailer south on Interstate 85 in Rowan County when one of the vehicle’s tires burst, causing him to lose control of the truck. The truck flipped over a bridge’s barrier and ejected the driver, who was not wearing a seat belt.

The trucking company said that Wilkerson was a cautious driver and a veteran with a clean driving record.

How do tire blowouts cause truck accidents?

Unlike a slow air leak, a tire blowout causes your tire to explode suddenly – and will often jerk the steering wheel out of the hands of the driver. A driver may run their vehicle off the road or overcorrect into another vehicle. A vehicle may even flip and rollover due to a burst tire.

The faster you are traveling when your tire blows out, the more trouble you will have maintaining control of your vehicle and safely getting off of the road.

Who is at fault for a truck crash caused by a tire blowout?

A tire may blow out for a number of reasons. While some of these reasons are simply unpreventable accidents, others are the result of truck company negligence. For example, a tire may blow out because of the incorrect amount of air pressure, an object in the road, a pothole, or improper tire maintenance. A truck tire blowout could also be caused by the truck carrying an illegal amount of weight that puts a dangerous amount of stress on the tires.

Raleigh truck accident attorneys

If you or a loved one were injured in a North Carolina truck accident caused by a tire blowout, it is extremely important for you to understand what the underlying cause of the blowout was. If the tire burst because of a lack of maintenance, an overloaded truck, or poor air pressure levels, the trucking company could be responsible for the accident and any damages related to the accident. To learn more about your crash, speak to a North Carolina truck accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates today.