North Carolina’s Tail of the Dragon Kills Motorcyclists & Drivers Every Year

Each year, thousands of driving and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world travel to Deal's Gap, North Carolina to experience the Tail of the Dragon - an 11-mile stretch of US 129 on the border of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Tennessee. The road contains over three hundred curves - many of them dangerously sharp.

Speeding on the Tail of the Dragon

While the speed limit on the Tail of the Dragon is only 30 MPH due to the treacherousness of the mountain pass, many sports car drivers and motorcycle riders speed through the area, looking for thrills and trying to break records. Not surprisingly, there are fatal traffic accidents every year; traffic accidents have only been increasing as word of the Dragon Tail spreads. In the last ten years, an estimated 25 people have died on the short stretch of road and the surrounding area, while many more have been injured.

While the majority of those injured on the Tail of the Dragon are driving the road for recreational reasons, some of the victims are simply those traveling to or from North Carolina. When racers drift out of their lane on a sharp curve or lose control of their vehicle, responsible drivers are too often involved in wrecks at no fault of their own.

Because the road is located in between two states, there are ongoing arguments about who is responsible for responding to the hundreds of accidents that take place on the road each year. Emergency responders in both North Carolina and Tennessee report spending six figures each year getting injured bikers and drivers off of the road, stretching their small budgets thin. At the same time, the road is becoming more and more crowded with each passing year. On weekends, the rural route is choked with traffic, illegal passing, and other dangerous traffic issues. A recent official change in who is responsible for responding to Tail of the Dragon accidents means that accident victims sometimes wait 50 minutes for medical attention after a crash.

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