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Credibility in North Carolina Injury Trials

credibility on trialDefense lawyers may try to frame the plaintiff as a liar. The defense lawyers are representing the alleged negligent party and trying to minimize or eliminate the possible award the plaintiff may receive. 

Anything can happen in court and every case is different. Evidence may show fault and negligence on the defendants' behalf, but expert witnesses may offer mixed opinions. In some North Carolina injury trials there is no clear evidence and the court only has testimonies, medical reports, and witness statements to rely on. When juries have a difficult time making a decision, one critical factor can win or lose a case. "The most important part of your case is your own credibility," says Brent Adams.

"The most important part of your case is your own credibility," says Brent Adams, an injury lawyer in Raleigh board-certified in trial law.

The credibility of the negligent party is not the only focus of an injury trial. The credibility of the victim is important too. The jury needs to believe the plaintiff. Defense lawyers sometimes try to damage the plaintiff's credibility. Victims should be aware of this before heading into the courtroom so that their words and actions are not misconstrued.

Brent Adams says you need to ask yourself:

"Will the jury accept your version of what happened?"