North Carolina Dog Bites Can Lead To Infection

Dog bites can be dangerous just as they are, with their powerful jaws causing puncture wounds, tearing, crushing lacerations, and ripping, but one of the most dangerous aspects of a dog bite in North Carolina is the possibility of the wounds becoming infected.

Dog bite wounds and dog scratch wounds are both highly prone to infection. Anyone who has seen a dog at play knows that a dog’s mouth is filled with bacteria – dogs often spend their day picking things up with their mouths, licking things, and coming into contact with dirty objects. Their paws, too, are exposed to whatever is lying on the ground, and their nails are often dirty and covered in bacteria. Because of this, dog bite wounds have a high chance of becoming infected, especially if you do not visit a doctor soon after a North Carolina dog attack. Even if your bite wounds do not look or feel serious, there is a possibility that the teeth have deeply punctured your flesh, trapping bacteria inside.

After a dog attack in NC, be sure to do the following:

•    Clean the wound thoroughly.
Disinfect the site of the wounds, wash the wounds well with water or saline, treat with an antiseptic, and dress with clean, new bandages. If you are not sure whether or not you need to see a doctor for treatment, be on the safe side and call a medical professional.
•    If the dog bite wound is at all significant, visit a doctor or hospital for professional medical help. Realize that if you are considering filing a North Carolina dog bite lawsuit, you will need medical records that document your dog attack injuries.
•    Use antibiotics. The doctor who is treating your dog bite wound will know whether or not the wounds are deep enough or extensive enough to warrant a round of antibiotics. This prescription medicine will help your body fight possible infection from the bites.