North Carolina Assisted Living Neglect Attorney

assisted living abuseAll of us want nothing but the best for our family and loved ones. This includes when aging parents and other relatives can no longer live completely independently and require some kind of secondary care or assistance. For those individuals who are still capable of caring for themselves to a certain degree, and are not yet to the point of needing 24-hour care at a nursing home, assisted living facilities are often the most appealing option. These facilities offer care and supervision, yet still allow the individuals to live in the same independent and self-sufficient manner that they are accustomed.

Assisted Living Neglect - A Growing Epidemic

Though residents residing in assisted living centers are living independently, they still often require the care or assistance of the facility staff. If this care is not provided properly, serious harm or injury to an innocent person may result. Unfortunately, assisted living neglect and abuse is on the rise in North Carolina and all across the United States. If your loved one has been injured by the hands of a negligent assisted living facility, you have legal options that you need to know about!

At Brent Adams & Associates we help victims of assisted living neglect and abuse seek the justice they deserve. No one should have to endure any kind of abuse or neglect under any circumstance. Our team of attorneys has the knowledge, experience, and compassion to get you results!

Assisted Living Neglect - The Facts

According to the National Center On Elder Abuse, more than 30% of all nursing homes and assisted-living facilities in the United States engage in some kind of resident abuse. This is a staggering number. As shocking as this may be, this number is sadly continuing to rise each year.

As of 2014, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) estimates the annual spending on caregiving costs in the United States will exceed $520 billion. In 2007, 48.9% of Medicaid funds spent on the elderly in North Carolina was for nursing facility care—a 6% jump from 2006. Given these facts, the opportunities for abuse and neglect in these types of facilities may increase even more.

Every year there are thousands of lawsuits brought against nursing homes citing a variety of allegations involving severe neglect and abuse, some cases even resulting in death. As alarming as this may be, statistics also show that out of all the abuse cases that are estimated to occur each year, only about 20% ever get reported.

As a friend or family of the individuals living in these kinds of facilities, we trust that our loved ones will be treated with the superior love, respect, and care that they most certainly deserve. If this trust has been violated and your loved one was injured in anyway, we are here to help! At the law offices of Brent Adams & Associates, we treat each and every client as if they were our own family; and our experienced attorneys will do all that they can to ensure justice is served for you and yours.

Assisted Living Neglect - The Law

Neglect is defined as the negligent failure of any person having the care or custody of an elder or other dependent adult to exercise a degree of care which any reasonable person in a like position would exercise. There are several different types of assisted living neglect and abuse. These can include, but are not necessarily limited to assault, battery, social neglect, sexual assault, sexual battery, rape, unreasonable physical restraint, failure to provide adequate medication, unnecessary medicating, over medicating, failure to assist in personal hygiene rituals, and severe deprivation of food and water, which can ultimately lead to starvation.

Assisted living and nursing home facilities are regulated under a strict set of federal rules and guidelines they must all adhere. Federal and state laws require all assisted living and nursing home facilities to devise a "plan of care" to ensure sufficient staff will always be on hand to provide adequate care to all those residing in the facility. Due to the fact that most nursing homes today are NOT adequately staffed, they can not and are not living up to the standards listed on the care plan. As a result, many residents are left helpless, unable to care for themselves, and unable to ask anyone for help.

Assisted Living Neglect - Legal Options

Most nursing home abuse and neglect is the unfortunate result of a poorly trained, and incapable facility staff. More than 50% of all nursing homes and assisted living facilities are under staffed and do not have enough staff to help care for the number of residents they are responsible for. This in combination with greedy facility owners that are more concerned with profit over quality of care is what often leads to assisted living neglect and abuse.

Each type of assisted living neglect case is unique. Each one carries with it a differing set of circumstances, and outcomes can vary. It is vital that you obtain a good lawyer who knows and understands the laws that regulate the operation of nursing home facilities. At Brent Adams & Associates, we have experienced nursing home residents' attorneys in North Carolina. We are here to do anything and everything we can to help you fight negligent nursing homes, and get the justice you deserve for your loved one and your family.

Under both state and federal law, all assisted living facility residents have certain rights. If any of these rights have been violated in any way, you have the right to sue for legal damages and compensation. Your best option is to obtain a good assisted living neglect and abuse lawyer who knows your rights and has experience fighting and winning against negligent assisted living and nursing home facilities. Brent Adams and his team of experienced and diligent associates will work to get you the results both you and your loved one deserve.

Assisted Living Neglect - Your Next Step

If you have a loved one who has been the victim of any kind of assisted living neglect or abuse and want to know more about your rights, give Brent Adams & Associates a call today. We are here to help you and your loved one get the justice and monetary compensation that you desire and deserve.

It will cost you nothing to have your case evaluated by one of our experienced attorneys. Once we have all the facts and have informed you of all your legal options, it will then be your decision as to whether or not you wish to proceed further with your case. Assisted living neglect and abuse is an unfortunate and inexcusable occurrence in today's society; however, it does not have to go unaddressed.