How Harmful Exposures Damage the Nervous System

North Carolina nerve damage attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates are here to provide you with the legal help and information you need to collect fully from injuries you may have received due to exposure to harmful chemicals. Depending on your occupation, you may be exposed to dangerous chemicals in your daily work environment. North Carolina nerve damage attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates believe that the best way to put a stop to these dangerous conditions is to continually hold employers responsible until all companies follow better safety codes for their people.

Chemical Exposure at Work

While some businesses are joining the trend of becoming more safety conscious, we have found that many people are still exposed to dangerous chemicals without protection. North Carolina nerve damage attorneys have found that chemicals causing the most problems in the work environment are found in cleaning solvents, dry cleaning solvents, spray paints, paint removers, dyes, fuels such as gasoline and kerosene, degreasers and lubricants.

NC Welding Hazards

North Carolina nerve damage attorneys hear from many professionals with possible exposure to harmful chemicals. One in particular is the welding profession. Manganese, found in welding rods and released as a toxin in welding smoke, can cause injury to the parts of the brain that transmit signals to other parts of the body. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies manganese emissions as "toxic releases." These harmful emissions cause what is called manganese poisoning and can occur within as little as 49 days of regular exposure though it usually takes several years for symptoms to appear.

Chemical Exposure at Home

The home environment can also be a war zone of toxic chemicals. While many household products are designed with proper warnings, there are occasions where individuals are unknowingly exposed to harmful concentrations of various chemicals that lead to devastating nervous system damage. These chemicals can be found in common products like oven cleaners, bathroom cleaning products, pesticides, bug spray, drain cleaners, carpet cleaners, household spray paint products and home mechanical cleaning products.

Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning causes devastating nervous system damage in children at doses that do not cause outward physical signs of poisoning. Poisoning occurs when children eat tiny paint chips or inhale harmful leaded dust. When chalking lead paint settles on toys and other objects, the dust is ingested by the young children in normal hand-to-mouth activity. Leaded house dust that is inhaled even in the smallest amounts is just as lethal as that which is ingested. The scary truth of the matter is that one paint chip the size of a thumbnail, ingested by a young child, can cause permanent brain damage.