North Carolina Considers Scrapping Red Light Cameras – But Do They Prevent Car Accident Injuries?

The red light camera controversies that have been popping up around the country in recent years have now come to North Carolina. Currently, there is a bill that has been passed by the state Senate and is being considered by the House that would ban the red light cameras statewide. Similar bills have been pushed by lawmakers in other states.

Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of red light cameras - and examine whether or not they really do prevent North Carolina car accidents and car accident injuries.

The Pros

Proponents of red light cameras argue that while the gadgets might lead to more fender-benders, the cameras prevent more high-speed and serious accidents. Some studies have found that while the overall number of vehicle accidents goes up, the number of fatalities and serious injuries go down.

In addition, those who agree with the cameras say that the actually do cause drivers to run fewer red lights. And those who do run the lights are caught and pay for a ticket with money that goes to the state. Just a few red light cameras at the right intersections can stop people from breaking the law and save lives - all while bringing in tax dollars.

The Cons

Those who wish to ban red light cameras believe that the tickets violate due process and equal protection rights and that traffic violations should be decided by police officers instead of automated systems.

Opponents of the law also believe that the red light cameras do not make intersections safer. Because of the presence of the cameras, vehicles may speed through yellow lights or slam on their breaks to prevent running a red light. The latter action results in a much higher number of rear-end accidents. Some have gone as far as suggesting that the cameras are placed at lights where they will raise the most tax dollars, not at the most dangerous intersections.

Have you been injured in a North Carolina car accident that took place after someone ran a red light or because of a red light camera? Speak with a Raleigh personal injury attorney today about your case.