Understanding North Carolina 15-Passenger Van Accidents

In February, one young woman was killed and seven more were injured when a dance troupe 15-passenger van crashed on its way to Durham, North Carolina. In another recent crash, 11 wedding-goers were killed when their 15-passenger van ran into a tractor-trailer head-on. And just two days ago, a vanload of college students were involved in a 15-passenger van crash that killed one and injured several others.

While some 15-passenger van accidents are the fault of others, and while some large van accidents are unavoidable, many believe that these high-capacity vehicles are dangerous and deadly. These vans, which are often used by churches, sports teams, colleges, and other organizations, often come under fire for a variety of safety issues.

Past 15-passenger van accident lawsuits focus on the high center of gravity of the vehicles and their high rate of rollover accidents. Some insurance companies have even dropped coverage for these deadly vans, which are manufactured by Ford, GM and Chrysler. Even the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued several consumer advisories regarding defective vehicles, alerting drivers to the increased rollover risk. In fact, the NHTSA reported that the rollover risk of a loaded 15-passenger van is three times that of a similar vehicle carrying less weight.

The government also recognizes the increased risk of 15-passenger vans and has passed a federal law outlawing high schools from buying the vehicles for the transport of students.

If you have been involved in a 15-passenger van rollover accident in North Carolina, talk to an experienced NC personal injury lawyer today.