Social Security Disability Statistics

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Raleigh, Dunn & Fayetteville Social Security lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates gathered statistics to show how many people are affected by disabilities and how they are compensated. One of our attorneys, Vance Jennings, is an SSDI Specialist Attorney. Jennings is one of only 41 attorneys that are Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law in North Carolina. Learn about Social Security benefits calculators here.

Below we answer the questions: How many people in the United States are disabled and how many receive Social Security Disability? What is the average Social Security monthly payment?

  • In October 2012, the average amount of money received monthly by disabled workers was $1,111.09
  • Social Security benefits were awarded to about 5.7 million people in 2010, a drop from 8.1 million in 2007
  • The backlog in Social Security Disability applications is so large in some areas of the country, the average wait for a hearing is almost 2 years
  • A disabling injury occurs every two seconds in America
  • Roughly 90 percent of Social Security Disability payments are made to disabled workers
  • Roughly 60 percent of workers applying for disability benefits are rejected
  • Unexpected illnesses and injuries cause 350,000 bankruptcies a year
  • In 2007, 552,349 workers stopped their benefits and returned to their jobs 
  • 1 out of 6 disabled beneficiaries received supplemental Social Security Income (SSI) in addition to their other forms of income
  • 1 in 7 workers will be disabled for 5+ years during their time in the workforce
  • 1/3 of SS payments are made to those struggling with mental diseases, conditions, and disorders
  • The average age of a person receiving Social Security Disability benefits for work was 52.8 in 2010
  • In 2005, half of all mortgage foreclosures were caused by disabilities caused by unexpected injury or illness