Motorcycle Helmets - Choose a Certified Helmet

nc motorcycle helmet lawsIn North Carolina, all riders of motorcycles are required to wear a helmet. Of course, the reason for wearing a helmet is to protect motorcycle riders for head injury in the event of a collision.  

Helmets are the principal line of defense for a rider who receive a head impact. The best way to avoid injury or death while in a motorcycle collision is to protect the head with a good crash helmet.

Unfortunately, not all helmets are equally safe.

Some helmets are defective in that they do not protect the riders from impacts nor do they provide the fundamental function of protecting the head. These helmets can fail by not having sufficient energy-absorbing capabilities or by failing to stay on the rider throughout the collision.

The Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville motorcycle crash lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates handle claims for injuries arising from defective motorcycle helmets.  

The Federal Government has requirements for helmets sold in the United States. If a helmet has a “DOT” sticker it is an indication that the helmet passes the minimum U.S. standards for construction of motorcycle helmets.  However, these minimum standards are not enough to provide the maximum protection possible.  

If a helmet makes a higher safety standard they may have a Snell certification. This is a certification in addition to that provided by the DOT. These Snell certifications are voluntary for the manufacturers.  If a manufacturer gives such a certification it is very likely that the helmet will provide a much greater level of protection than the helmet which only has a DOT sticker.

If you or a family member have been injured in a motor vehicle collision and suspect that your helmet did not give the motorcycle safety protection that was needed, give us a call at Brent Adams & Associates and we will be happy to discuss this case with you for free and without any obligation.  Call us at 877-BRENT-ADAMS