North Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

north carolina motorcycle acccident attorney

Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable people on the road. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation's motorcycle accident statistics, a motorcyclist is 16 times more likely to die in an accident than a motor vehicle occupant, as well as three times more likely to be injured than those in cars.

Yet often, the accident is not the result of bad driving on the motorcyclist’s part, but because of the negligent driving of someone else. Whether it is simply because a driver is not paying close enough attention to the road, or because he or she is driving drunk behind the wheel, a motorcyclist faces more danger on the road than any other type of motorist.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in North Carolina

The North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates are highly experienced in multiple areas of personal injury, one of which is vehicle collisions. With over 32 years in practice helping clients receive the maximum recovery possible, not only from negligent drivers and their insurance carriers, but also from all other sources of insurance possible, including the client’s own insurance and their employer’s disability and health and accident insurance policies. We know the law. 

Prevent Future NC Motorcycle Accidents

If you are reading this page, you or someone you love was most likely injured in an NC motorcycle accident. This is an emotionally traumatic time and we know it is difficult to focus on traffic law research when you are recovering or helping a loved one get well. We have created a few tips for you to share with friends and family to help prevent future motorcycle accidents:

  • Drive defensively. The more you watch out for what other drivers are doing, the better chances you have to avoid a collision.
  • Obey the speed limit. Obviously, if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident and it is proven that you were driving above the speed limit, your chances of your case coming out on top may be less.
  • Take into account the weather and/or road conditions. Motorcyclists can succumb to bad weather or poor road conditions more easily than those driving automobiles. Drive according to the environment you’re in.
  • Wear a helmet. Some states do not require helmets, like South Carolina. But North Carolina does require helmets, so obey the law and protect your head. Read about recalled motorcycle helmets to make sure you have the proper equipment.
  • Stay calm. If you are in an accident, try to remain calm. Having a clear head when speaking to law enforcement officers can greatly help your case.

We are proud to represent safe and responsible motorcyclists who have been in accidents, and fight for them to get the maximum benefits available under North Carolina law. We want them to continue to be able to experience the unique freedom they have on the open road. But as is usually the case in life, when you get more of one thing, you get less of another. In this case, you get more freedom on the road, but also are more at risk for serious injury.

Raleigh, NC Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

Generally speaking, the injuries received in motorcycle accidents are much more severe than those from regular vehicular accidents. If a motorcycle accident has affected your quality of life, or if a loved one has been severely injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may need to speak with one of Brent Adams & Associates’ motorcycle accident lawyers of North Carolina. Whether you drive a Harley or a Honda, a sport bike or a cruiser, Brent Adams & Associates will do everything we can to make sure you are protected to the full extent under the law.