Misconceptions About Car Accident Claims

Raleigh injury lawyerWhether from secondhand learning, representations in the media, or misinformed guidance, some people have misunderstandings about the way car accident claims and injury cases are handled. Our injury lawyers in Raleigh review a few of these myths below. Share with your friends and family to help them better understand the claims processes.



Common Misconceptions About Car Accident Claims


  • Insurance companies make it a practice to treat claimants fairly.
  • North Carolina juries are always fair and always render a verdict which fully compensates a victim of an accident.
  • When you are in a collision and the insurance company asks for a recorded statement, you have to give them a recorded statement or they will not settle with you.
  • The insurance company for the negligent driver who caused the collision is obligated to pay medical bills and other expenses as they are incurred.
  • When an insurance company makes you their “highest offer” it must be fair.  
  • When the insurance company twill never go higher after they tell you they have given you their “highest offer."
  • A TV or movie personality you see in lawyer advertisements will somehow be involved in your case if you hire the law firm in the respective advertisement
  • It is a good idea for a lawyer to refer you to a particular doctor.
  • If a law firm advertises heavily on TV and in the yellow pages, that law firm must have greater skills than the law firms that do not advertise.
  • North Carolina’s civil justice system, which allows your claim to be decided by a jury, is some sort of lottery that will make you rich.
  • That it is always best to hire a lawyer to handle a personal injury claim.
  • All law firms will go to court and try your case for you if they agreed to handle your case.
  • Law firms who advertise for personal injury cases are actually “trial lawyers.”
  • If you are fair with an insurance company, it will be fair with you.
  • Every time there has been an accident and it was not your fault there will be an insurance company that will pay your bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other injuries sustained in the collision.
  • It is possible to determine the extent and severity of personal injuries suffered by to the victim of a motor vehicle collision by examining the damage to the vehicle that they were in at the time of the collision.
  • All lawyers who advertise that they handle personal injury cases have the same skills, abilities, tools and experience to handle your case.