Collect Your Med Pay Insurance

med pay insurance coverageMany automobile collision victims lose thousands of dollars because they do not know about the insurance benefit commonly known as “Med-Pay.” Most vehicles in North Carolina are covered by medical payments insurance as it is written into most liability insurance policies. Many people are unaware they have this coverage when it is available to them.
This coverage provides payments for all medical expenses incurred as a result of injuries sustained by any person riding in the car which is covered by Med-Pay insurance. The injured occupants of the car do not have to own the car and do not have to be a named insured under the policy. All injured occupants who are riding in the car at the time of the collision will have all of their reasonable medical bills paid up to the amount of the Med-Pay coverage.
The limit of most Med-Pay policies in North Carolina tends to be $1,000-$2,000. $5,000 limits are also common. Raleigh car accident attorney Brent Adams represented one accident victim who was covered by $100,000 of Med-Pay insurance. This victim was severely injured and had huge medical bills. He collected all $100,000 from his Med-Pay insurance.
Med-Pay insurance is payable regardless of who was at fault in causing the collision. Med-Pay coverage will not be reduced because your health insurance policy also paid some, or all, of your bills. There are no subrogation provisions in Med-Pay policies, which means that you will not have to refund the Med-Pay insurance company when you collect against the liability insurance policy for the car that was at fault.
If you are injured while riding in a car owned by another person who does not have Med-Pay insurance, then you may collect on you own Med-Pay insurance which covers any car that you own.
It is easy to collect on a med-Pay claim. All that is usually necessary is for you to send a copy of the accident report and a copy of your medical bills to the insurance company. You usually will not need a lawyer to help you with this claim. However, should an insurance company refuse to provide the coverage outlined in your policy, learn about insurance disputes in North Carolina.
At Brent Adams and Associates, we always help our clients collect Med-Pay coverage and do not charge any fee for this service.