Infant Attacked by Dog While Father Slept With Girlfriend

The father of a four-month-old infant forgot about the baby while visiting his girlfriend's apartment. According to news reports, the girlfriend positioned the baby on the couch and left the room to spend private time with the father in a separate bedroom.

The baby started screaming shortly thereafter. The girlfriend's dog, a dachshund, had removed the baby's diaper and consumed the infant's genitals. A veterinarian induced vomiting to try and retrieve the infant's genitals, however they were not viable. The infant was airlifted to a local hospital and kept in stable condition. 

The most common victims of dog attacks are children. Whether or not charges will be filed against the dog's owner remains to be seen. Who is at fault in this case? Was the father negligent in leaving his infant unsupervised? Was the girlfriend at fault for not restraining her dog? Several factors affecting liability come into play here. Learn more about dog owner liabilities.