How to Report NC Workers' Comp Fraud

workers comp fraud investigationIf convicted, an individual guilty of workers' compensation fraud might face significant penalties and prison. The North Carolina Industrial Commission has a system in place to assist genuinely injured workers, workers who are instructed by a medical physician to no longer work or to work with restrictions. However, people abuse this system. Some individuals fraudulently claim injuries or stage accidents in an effort to receive benefits and avoid going to work.

Should you know or suspect an individual who is fraudulently receiving workers' comp benefits in North Carolina, you may report them. You will make your report to the North Carolina Industrial Commission Fraud Investigative Unit either at 1-888-891-4895 or [email protected]. The Industrial Commission will require the following information, or as much of the below as you have available:

  • Name and address of the fraud suspect
  • The suspect's injury, time since injury, and name of employer associated with the work injury
  • Your relationship to the suspect
  • Activities that suggest fraud (Conversations about staged accident, witness mobility outside physical limitations, etc.)
  • Any evidence (Audio, video, documents, witness statements, etc.) supporting the activities noted above
  • A list of other entities that have received reports of suspected fraud


Our workers' comp attorneys in Cary and Raleigh take great pride in representing injured workers who truly need benefits. Fraudulent claimants hurt the system that other workers are truthfully and legally entitled to.

If you have a valid workers' comp claim you may find yourself being followed by private investigator. Read our tips when being followed by a private detective to learn how an investigator may misconstrue your activities to invalidate your claim.