How to Avoid Head-On Car Accidents

head on crash in north carolinaHead-on collisions happen every day in North Carolina, and they are some of the deadliest types of car and truck accidents that you can be involved in. Since the two vehicles involved in head-on collisions are traveling at high rates of speed into each other, the force of the impact is doubled and the consequences can be devastating.

Although head-on collisions are sometimes impossible to avoid, there are a few safe driving tips that you can keep in mind while driving that could help you prevent head-on car crashes in the future.

Prevent Head-on Car Crashes in NC

  • Don't swerve without thinking to avoid small obstacles. When something runs out across the road, like a squirrel or rabbit, it is our first instinct to swerve out of the way to avoid it. However, we have to fight against that instinct when driving. Swerving into the other lane of traffic will probably result in serious injury or even death. While hitting a stray cat or dog will be a sad event, you and your family could remain free of harm. Even slamming your breaks when animals cross the road can be dangerous if there are cars traveling close behind you. The exceptions here are large animals like deer or bear.
  • Use your headlights, even during the day. It makes other cars more aware of your presence, especially around dawn and dusk.
  • Look toward the horizon. Don't just focus on the road immediately ahead of you - know what is approaching in the distance. In general, pay attention, keep your eyes on the road, and avoid driving distractions. Don't play with the radio knob, eat a sandwich, or talk on your cell phone without an earpiece.
  • Watch for erratic drivers, especially on curvy, two-lane roads. Drive defensively.
  • Don't try to pass on a two-lane road unless you have plenty of room to work with and can see far into the distance. A good rule of thumb is that if the car doesn't appear to be moving in the distance, there is enough room for you to pass.
  • If a car is heading towards you head on and you don't have much time, brake as much as you can to lessen the impact and swerve to the right. It's safer to hit something on the side of the road than a vehicle moving toward you.


Mainly, practice safe driving habits. If an individual habitually texts while driving, ignores the speed limit, or in other ways drives recklessly - they are at a greater risk of being involved in an accident. Sadly, responsible drivers could be the victim of a negligent driver's actions. When this happens, there are laws that protect the rights of survivors and the family members of fatal victims.

Raleigh, NC Car Accident Attorneys Here For You 

If another driver's negligence caused a head-on collision that caused injuries to you or a loved one, contact a car accident attorney. Collisions like these often involve injuries more severe than most accidents. High speed is usually a factor, and the negligent driver may have been under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Through a handful of offices in the greater Triangle area, our car accident attorneys help North Carolina accident victims pursue injury claims and wrongful death claims.