How To Avoid Adopting A Dog That Bites

In the majority of cases, dog owners do not want their dog to bite and are as horrified at their dog’s aggressive behavior as the dog bite victim. Few people want to own an aggressive or dangerous animal, and no one wants to be at the center of a dog bite injury lawsuit. Unfortunately, many dog owners either ignore their pets’ aggression issues or else doesn’t properly train or control their dog. Others adopt aggressive pets from an animal shelter or pound without understanding the dog’s issues or needs.

How can you avoid adopting a dog that bites or a dog with an aggression problem? The best way is to try a few simple tests before adopting your dog:

•    The rollover test. In this test, roll the dog over on his pine and rub his belly and grab the loose skin below his neck. If the dog is uninterested or playful, he is non-aggressive. If he growls, refuses to participate, or acts fearful, he could be prone to biting or aggression.
•    The stare test. In this test, stand about three yards from your dog, get the dog’s attention, and then quietly stare into his eyes. If the dog seems uninterested and relaxed, he is displaying non-aggressive behavior. If the dog returns your stare, and if your dog acquires a stiff posture, a straight tail, and erect ears, your dog is displaying aggressive behavior.
•    Possessiveness test. Many dog bite incidents take place when a possessive dog is guarding a food, toy, or puppy. In this test, very carefully attempt to approach the dog while it is eating. If the dog growls, curls his lips, or engages in other aggressive behavior, he may issues with possession. If the dog allows you to take his food, he does not.

In addition, always ask your shelter about the dog’s history of aggression and why the dog is up for adoption. However, understand that a shelter may not have a thorough history of the dog’s past behavior or abuse.