SmartMoney Magazine: Five Things Nursing Homes Won’t Tell You

Jonathan Dahl and the editors of SmartMoney have complied a list of ten things that nursing homes won’t tell you – a list that appeared in a recent book and that can help anyone in North Carolina preparing to look for an adult care facility, either for themselves or for a loved one. What makes the list? Here’s five:

  1. Nursing homes can be careless about medication and drugs, in a couple of different ways. Staff shortages can lead to your loved one not receiving his or her medication, while staff members with poor intentions can drug your loved one in order to keep patients more manageable.
  2. Many nursing homes are understaffed. Nursing homes have a long history of staff shortages – and the problem is only getting worse. In fact, some studies estimate that there is only one registered nurse for every 50 to 70 nursing home residents. That means that those taking care of your loved one may not be properly trained or have the knowledge they need to keep your loved one safe.
  3. Nursing home abuse can be financial. Unfortunately, along with physical and emotional abuse, your loved one might be subject to scams, schemes, and just plain stealing, both by the nursing home administration and by individuals working at the home.
  4. Although care plans are required by law, they aren’t always implemented or helpful. Not all staff may be aware of your loved one’s care plan – or nursing homes could fail to follow the plan. Even worse, nursing home staff may ignore the new needs of your loved one if they are not included in the care plan.
  5. Nursing home neglect is all too common. Partially due to staff shortages and untrained staff, adult care facilities are constantly under fire for neglecting their patients – and 22 percent of nursing homes have been disciplined for neglect issues in the recent past.

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