An Injured Worker's First Steps Should Be...

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From time to time, the North Carolina work injury lawyers with Brent Adams & Associates are guests on a special radio show at the WIDU 1600AM Fayetteville radio station. A previous show details the initial steps a person who was hurt at work should take to ensure their workers' compensation claim is processed effectively. You can listen to the legal podcast on North Carolina work injury claims here.

Of course, medical attention is paramount and the well-being of the worker is a priority. The worker (or if the worker is seriously injured, someone on the worker's behalf) may need need to take the next step toward establishing that the injury is work-related: 

An important step a worker should take is to inform the employer. In order to prove the employee was injured in the course and scope of their job description, a report or letter should be submitted to the employer. Keep in mind, some claims depend on the nature of the occupation to determine if liability will attach. 

Workers' compensation claims follow a different process than personal injury claims. North Carolina workers' comp is not administered through the general court system. Instead, work injury cases are regulated by the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Individuals who are worried about lost income should understand workers can receive a lot of benefits while a workers' compensation claim is pending--including weekly benefits for the time the worker is out of work. It is important to have an advocate, like a workers' comp attorney, on the worker's side to ensure the employer is providing appropriate benefits.