Hidden Scars: Emotional Consequences Of A Dog Bite

When we think of the consequences of a dog attack, we often think about blood, puncture wounds, torn skin, and scars. What is less apparent are the emotional struggles that often take place in the wake of a serious dog attack. Especially when children are involved in a dog bite incident – and almost half of all dog attacks involve children – injury victims face a long road to recovery that could include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a crippling fear of dogs, and emotional issues related to their injuries and disfigurement.

Dog bite victims suffering from PTSD can have their daily lives filled with fear – to the point that their quality of life and their ability to hold a job are affected. Some dog bite victims become some frightened of dogs that they are unable to venture outside, while others can no longer enjoy activities that they used to. Restricted and paralyzed with fear, many of these dog bite injury victims face years of therapy to get over their attack or else a life of isolation.

Victims who suffer appearance-changing scarring and disfigurement also deal with emotional trauma and ongoing issues of self-esteem. Some are not able to afford reconstructive surgery, while others are left with scarring even after multiple plastic surgeries. As one dog bite victim said, “after the attack, you are simply not yourself anymore.”

If you or a family member have been bitten by a dog and are suffering from the emotional consequences, speak to a dog bite lawyer about your case. If you were not responsible for the dog attack, you are not responsible for paying the costly consequences of your injuries.