Your Elderly Loved One Could Be Harmed By Another Nursing Home Resident

When most people think about elder abuse and nursing home neglect, they think about nursing home employees abusing residents or an elderly resident ridden with bedsores in a filthy bed. However, nursing home abuse and neglect takes many forms – and some are more common than others.

For example, is your elderly loved one being protected from other residents of the nursing home that could pose a danger or cause injury? In many cases, a nursing home resident could be physically assaulted or sexually assaulted by another person living in the adult care facility. In one recent case in North Carolina, an elderly woman was strangled to death by another resident because neither party was being properly supervised by the nursing home staff. In another case, a nursing home resident suffering from dementia was being taken advantage of sexually by a mentally ill resident at the nursing home.

Who is to blame for these cases of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and wrongful death? In many cases, these incidents could have been prevented by the nursing home itself. A shortage of nursing home staff members may mean that your loved one isn’t being properly monitored during the day or at night. A nursing home that mixes elderly residents and mentally handicapped residents may also be responsible for the harm one resident inflicts on another. In other cases, a nursing home may know about ongoing abuse between residents – or if a resident has a history of abuse or violence – and do nothing to stop the issue or prevent further harm.

If your elderly loved one has been seriously harmed by another nursing home resident, the nursing home itself may be responsible for damages. Talk to a North Carolina nursing home neglect attorney today about your case.