Four Activities For World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – a day in which organizations from around the globe strive to educate others on the prevalence of elder abuse, including North Carolina nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect. While elder abuse can seem like an overwhelming problem in our society, there are small steps you can take – on this day or on any day – to help prevent elder abuse and elder neglect.

•    Check in on your elder loved ones. Perhaps the best way to prevent nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect is to keep tabs on the seniors in your life. Talk with them on the phone, visit with them, ask how they are fairing, and look for signs of elder abuse and neglect.
•    Visit a nursing home in your area. Even if you don’t have a friend or relative in adult assisted living, there are millions of seniors in nursing homes who do not receive regular visitors. Talking with a senior in your area will not only raise their quality of life – you may also be surprised what you learn and how you feel after making a new connection.
•    Write your local politicians a letter. Raising awareness for seniors politically is extremely important. If our lawmakers properly regulate our nursing homes and make healthy seniors a priority, it is sure to lower rates of abuse and neglect.
•    Talk to your children about elder abuse. We all teach our children to respect their elders – but many do not know that their grandparents and other loved ones may be in danger of elder neglect or abuse, especially as they age. While it can be difficult to breach such tough subjects, it is important that everyone is aware of the issue of elder abuse in America today.