Dunn Social Security Disability Attorney Explains Process of SSD Determination in North Carolina (Part A)

If you filed a Social Security disability (SSD) claim, you may be wondering about the SSD determination process. The process can take a while and there is no guarantee that your claim will be approved; however, there are some steps you can take to make the process smoother, including acquiring the guidance of a Dunn Social Security disability attorney.

How Long the Process Takes

The length of the SSD determination process is different for everyone. If you have an obvious disability, then the claims process may go much smoother, allowing your claim to be processed quicker. The claims examiner will need to contact doctors’ offices to get required information, and some offices are slow to respond. The length of time to approve your claim will also depend on the claim examiner’s workload. Many are working on several hundred cases simultaneously; don’t expect an SSD determination about your claim right away. You’ll need to be patient.

How to Expedite Your Claim

The best way to help make the SSD determination process a little quicker is to make sure your application is complete and includes detailed information about your disability. Including medical records with your claim can literally reduce your wait time by several months. Although it can be difficult to obtain records from your doctor, it will make your claim process a lot smoother. Having a Dunn Social Security disability attorney to help you with your claim can ensure that you have all the required information - 1-800-849-5931.

After You File Your Claim

Once your claim is filed, the field office will review it. It will verify your personal information and check that you are eligible to receive Social Security payments. Your file will then be reviewed for SSD determination by Disability Determination Services to determine if you are disabled. They will get the information they need from your doctors. If they determine you are disabled, they will send the file back to the field office, which will determine your benefits award and the date you will start receiving your monthly payments.

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