Dog Bites And Rabies | Rabies Symptoms And Dangers | North Carolina Dog Bite Attorney

When we think of the consequences of dog bites, we often think of puncture wounds, infection, stitches, scarring, and lacerations. However, one frightening possible consequence of getting bitten by a dog is contracting rabies.

Rabies is a dangerous and deadly brain virus that can be passed through blood and saliva. Although somewhat rare, the rabies virus is still found in North Carolina, often in wild animals like raccoons, bats, fox, possum, and coyotes. However, a shocking 97 percent of all rabies cases in humans are the result of dog bites.

Rabies symptoms include odd behavior, violent movements, paralysis, saliva production, and difficulty swallowing. Without swift treatment, rabies results in death.

The rabies vaccine is required by law for all dogs in the United States. Not vaccinating your dog against rabies means that you will not be able to board your pet, attend dog classes, get your dog groomed, or participate in other activities. If your dog bites an animal or child and is found by Animal Control not to vaccinated for rabies, you could face a fine.

However despite laws, there are millions of dogs who are not vaccinated against rabies in the United States. Stray dogs and dogs with irresponsible owners are still able to catch rabies from wild animals such as sunk, bats, and raccoons, and then to give the disease to humans.

It is most important to keep track of any dog that bites you or your child and to ascertain whether or not that dog is current on its rabies vaccine. If you are not able to locate the dog that attacked you, you may need to undergo painful rabies shots.