Dog Bites Can Lead to Dangerous and Deadly Infections

dog bite damagesA recent dog bite lawsuit got national coverage this month. In the case, a man died from complications of a bacterial infection he contracted after being bitten by a dog in the finger at his workplace. While he only received a small puncture wound from the bite itself, bacteria that was in the dog’s mouth became trapped in the cut and then spread throughout his body.

As you might guess, a dog’s mouth and paws are very dirty and almost always contain dangerous bacteria. In fact, almost all dog bites involve unsafe bacteria and 15 to 20 percent of all dog bites become infected in the days following a dog attack. It is absolutely vital to clean the wound immediately after any dog bite that breaks the skin and to see a doctor for further treatment as soon as possible. A doctor can clean the wound professionally and put the patient on antibiotics to prevent infection, if necessary.

What are the signs of a dog bite infection?

  • Look for swelling and redness and increased sensitivity at the site of the dog bite. Also look for pus, oozing, and discolored liquids coming from the wound.
  • Keep an eye out for swollen lymph nodes near the site of your injury and increased warmth in the area.
  • Serious infections that are spreading through the body could lead to symptoms such as severe headaches, muscle swelling, and collapse.

If you have been bitten by a dog in North Carolina and had to be treated for a serious infection in the wake of the attack, you might not be responsible for your medical bills. Learn about the damages collected for dog bite injuries in North Carolina.